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“Walking each other home!” is a phrase that lies at the core of the

nora chipaumire | nhereraHUB, a newly established research space centering around movement, audio, and visual cultures founded by nora chipaumire.

Following the idea that we are stronger when traveling together, nhereraHUB stands as an extension of the life work of nora’s late mother, offering a space that is open to all. Providing materials and programming in Shona, Ndebele, and English, the primary languages of the region, nhereraHUB prioritizes access for those dedicated to developing new ideas and practices that engage with local or regional histories and community.

Born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, nora has made work throughout her career that straddles these imaginations: Africa and America, Blackness and Africanness. Constantly defying, refusing, negotiating, deconstructing and constructing narratives born out of lived experiences of liberation wars, exiles, racial and social differences and aesthetic processes, nora sees the earth as the country and refuses the limitations that geography and tradition place on the artist. Since 1998, nora has brought her refusals in forms of dance, text, objects, cinema and sound to the artworld, as an individual and artistic entity.

Building on nora’s body of work, nhereraHUB shares with the continent and with the world a new opportunity to join others in building a language of decolonization that seeks to create space and ideas for artists.

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