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Caroline Roche


With a background in classical, contemporary and traditional dance, classical music, theatre and literature, Caroline Roche is pursuing her artistic research in Brussels as part of the Masters in Dance and Choreographic Practices at Charleroi Danse/INSAS/La Cambre. Interested in traditional dances and Occitan vocal polyphony, she explores the multiple relationships between body and voice in contact with silence, ancient music or contemporary musical and vocal works. 

In July 2023, I completed a one-month work placement with choreographer Nora Chipaumire on the opening and inauguration of the Nherera HUB. Concerned by the project and the artistic, social and political issues at stake on the scale of a territory, a country and a continent, the placement also gave me a better understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the choreographer's work, which, however punk it may be, is rooted in ancestral practices and culture. I referenced and catalogued the books that had been sent to the Nherera HUB and which constituted the first books in the future archive.  



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